Hi, my name is Annalie.

I am the person who designs and creates each piece of jewelry you see here. Handcrafted in my home in Hopefield on the West Coast, Western Cape in South Africa. Every piece is an original. I make the jewelry with polymer clay and you will see that I love colour, patterns and simple lines. I get my inspiration from the veld flowers, the sea or anything that I find special in or around my life. The whole process is in short: design, condition, create, bake, sand, drill, wax. I enjoy every part of the process, or perhaps not so much the sanding part!

A bit about my "previous" life before jewelry. I worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors for years. Personal circumstances caused that we moved from a Cape Town suburb to a small West Coast town. What a life changer. The outcome... making jewelry. 

I dreamed about having my own small business. My head was always full of ideas. I wanted to work for myself, but nothing happened. Until now. A lifetime ago my husband gave me a present of a woman’s face etched out of clay. It always fascinated me. I wanted to do that too. Well, after moving to the small town, I had enough free time on my hands (at first). I searched for something like the present I got. Then, by accident, I landed on a website with the most interesting jewelry. It was of polymer clay. I was immediately enthusiastic and motivated to learn how to create original, interesting, fun, and beautiful polymer clay jewelry. Well, now I have an online shop. It’s a big opportunity but a scary one. I'll be hopefully optimistic that there'll be wonderful things ahead!

Keep in mind that handcrafted, one-off-kind pieces will vary slightly from the photos. These small differences allow each piece to be unique but will not detract for the quality of work or small details in the design. Most of my work will be one-of-kind and you will really be the only one that own this jewel piece. My mission is that every woman will enjoy her purchase and to wear it with a smile because everyone of us is an original. I hope you see something you like here. Treat yourself or someone else!

You're welcome to say hello to me by sending me a message on the Contact page.

Till later.